School Angel helps all school stakeholders improve Student Safety through;

  •  A combination of means for managing student release; Unique PIN code, Biometric authentication and Card/Pin option.
  • Real-time feedback on child’s character development through Behavior Monitor that rewards desirable behavior and discourage undesirable ones.
  • Integrated with optional Bus Tracking with notification to parents on departure and arrival in school and home on the school bus.

School Angel caps it all with the advantage of OwnSchoolApp having the School Angel App branded in your school image that could be used to engage and share important news and events with parents.

What is unique about School Angel

We offer lot more secure means of managing ward release than any other APP on the planet. We have a 4-digit PIN based system as basic option of Biometrics or Card and PIN on our Self-Service Kiosk installed at school premises (Please see our various devices to see the options available to the school)

We are the only product on the market that brings together four distinct product categories as an integrated service; Student Safety Assurance, Behavioral Management, OwnSchoolApp and Bus tracking. No other product covers that breadth of distinct product categories as we do.

Our product, having emerged from an emerging market, addresses the peculiar emerging market scenario better than most western originated products. Poor national identity management infrastructure can be mitigated with our biometric-based centralized system of collectors. In most developing countries where wages are low, most middle-class parents have nannies, drivers, cooks, etc., that are often the greatest threat to the well-being of their children. The bad eggs amongst them repeat offenders because of the inability of an effective centralized identity management system. School Angel’s biometrics and bio-data registration, act as a deterrent as well as a means of identifying offenders.