Unobtrusive and aesthetic Elite Pro. A sturdy and elegant floor standing powder coated metal housing, embedded with best of breed technologies that includes a 19-Inch touch screen display, fingerprint scanner, thermal printer and multipurpose card reader


School Angel Elite Pro is the service that offers the most comprehensive and adaptable multi-point authentication School Angel System with optional School Bus Tracking feature. The Elite Pro, in addition to all the other School Angel features, comes with the print option that allows the printing of release vouchers on a daily basis which can be visually checked or scanned at various checkpoints.

Product features:

  • Biometric registration of collectors and parents
  • School attendance system
  • Real-time notification on student behavior; Good/Bad
  • Background check and profiling of all collectors
  • Automated notification of attendance via SMS and email to parents
  • Automated notification to parents upon collection of child/ward
  • Visitor and contractor access management
  • Real-time notification on pick-up and drop-off on the school bus
  • Monitor route detours, delays, unauthorized movements and accidents
  • Monitor driver behavior: speeding, hard breaking, etc


Integration with World Class e-Learning eco System

School Angel is currently being integrated with a leading e-learning system. A flexible oriented e-Learning platform accessible based on a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) principle (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Online and Offline) that helps teachers and students with the necessary tools to manage classes, create interactive assignments, poll students, get detailed student reports. The platform also serves as a content distribution platform that makes available thousands of open content and commercial digital content. The digital content store makes it easy for content provided by both free and commercial providers to be easily updated and new content added to the central repository for distribution to students and teachers using the platform.

School Angel features available on Android, Windows and IOS mobile applications via our School Angel mobile app. Download yours today!!!