osaParents have been talking about having a platform where parents can view details about their kid’s school, read news and events about the school and get real-time update about all activities taking place in their kid’s school.

School administrators have requested for a mobile app that can be created in their school brand name and also  platform where they can easily reach out to their ward’s parents or guardians.

Beginning Today, you can now have all this features with OwnSchoolApp – an extension of School angel.

OwnSchoolApp is a mobile app platform for schools. It provides an intuitive & cost effective way of engaging parents and guardians.


1. Free messaging to parents or groups
2. Updates of news and events
3. Share information via social media
4. School contact details in one place
5. App branded in school image and colour
6. Calendar management
7. Attendance management
8. Snap and share pictures
9. Parental engagement
10. Daily progress report

Advantages of using OwnschoolApp

1. Message delivery at a fast pace which notifies parents through push notification.
2. Digital communication with parents, students and staff
3. All messages and information are private and data is protected and cryptographed.
4. Immediately send absence notification and indicate reasons.