A unique business opportunity is now available

IQ Systems Solutions Ltd is looking to appoint master franchisees for distribution of our Child Safety Assurance Product in specific states, regions and countries. These are like-minded entrepreneurs who will represent the School Angel brand and our products in their respective territories of operation.

These carefully selected entrepreneurs will be exclusive distributors of School Angel products in the assigned territory and enjoy the benefit of our support, infrastructure and technical know-how. Market opportunities are rich for the distribution of School Angel product – a respected brand that has become synonymous with quality and excellent customer service.

Do I fit the ideal profile of the master franchisee?

  • Hands on / owner-operator
  • Sufficient capital base
  • Compliant Entrepreneur
  • Technical IT Skills
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • High quality customer service orientation
  • Proactive
  • Ethical / honest
  • Respected entrepreneur within the community

What kind of support will I receive?

The benefits of becoming a School Angel master franchisee were identified as follows:

  • Advise on the initial opening
  • Initial training for operator and specified sales and installation staff
  • Provision of the business model – with quality control system and associated IT systems
  • Provide the Franchisee with manuals and directives
  • Provide advice on the administration, management and accounting aspects of the business
  • Provide the Franchisee with any improvements, updates, enhancements, modifications and developments in and to the intellectual property.
  • Make available ongoing training programmes after the initial training programmes.
  • Regularly measure the Franchisee’s performance relating to all functions of managing and operating the business.
  • Review financial performance and management information to assess the profitability of the franchise business and provide advice accordingly.
  • Allow the Franchisee and its staff to benefit from ongoing sharing of information with regard to School Angel products and the business system relating to the franchise business.
  • Update the manuals and furnish the Franchisee with the updated material.
  • Continually improve and develop the franchise system in order to maintain a competitive stance in the market place.
  • Provide the Franchisee with information concerning best practices reported by other franchisees within the franchise system.
  • Conduct an annual business and performance review with the Franchisee.
  • Provide the Franchisee with benchmarking information concerning the operational and financial performance of other franchisee.