School Angel is a comprehensive, fast, intuitive, and highly secure Student Safety Assurance System that provides parents and school administrators an unequivocal means (biometrics) of verifying the identity of child collectors. It offers parents a 24-hour control via mobile phones and an online portal (School Angel web portal) over who collects their children either regularly or in cases of emergency.


Yes, they pay to the school.


The cost varies from school to school and will depend on factors like student population , number of equipment required etc. The school will provide the cost implication to the parents.


Ensures ONLY those authorized by parent/guardian collect kids from school, eliminating the possibility of error. Screens the work history of all collectors using biometrics to track collectors. Parent/guardian also get notification via SMS/email when the kids gets into school, when they are picked and by whom.


NO. However, parents/guardians who use the card and pin option as opposed to the biometrics, have cards assigned to them.


No. You still need to visit the school for your biometrics and image capture.

I am a registered parent but I don’t receive alerts only my spouse does. why?

Only the parent who is registered as primary parent gets sms alerts. Both receives email and push notification.

Can married members of school staff have a change of name on their ID cards?

Yes (card can be re-printed when we are notified). Replacement cards however have to be paid for. Contact appropriate school personnel for the cost.

Is it necessary to print out vouchers since I’m a well known parent/collector in the school?

Yes, security works better when we respect the supremacy of a process. This way wards gets maximum protection. The history of the ward pick-up is stored on our system and pick-up notification is sent when voucher is printed.

As a School staff, must we sign in with our ID card and fingerprint?

School staff can sign in with card alone or both card and fingerprint. This depends on the policy of the school. Most schools prefer the two-factor authentication of cards and fingerprint.

As a registered staff/parent/collector, I sometimes have to place my fingerprint several times on the Haven before I am authenticated. What is wrong?

The way you place your fingerprint on the fingerprint reader determines whether the reader is able to read correctly and accurately. You therefore need to place your fingerprint on the reader properly. Make sure your finger is not wet or dirty as these interfere with the reader.

I have registered but my kids are not linked to me?

This could be as a result of wrong email supplied by the school or no email was supplied at all to us during registration. You can send an email to info@schoolangel.ng stating the problem, the name(s) of your ward(s), school name , class and your email address. We will verify this information with the school and then link you to your ward(s).

I tried to use the parent portal but I can’t log in.

Make sure you are using the email address you registered with School Angel as your username and enter your correct password. If you did not know your password or you are using the portal for the first time, you can use Forgot Password option on the portal to request for a change in your password. An email with the link to reset your password will be sent to you.

I have two kids in this school but I only get alert for one instead of both. Why?

This could be as a result of wrong email supplied by the school or no email was supplied at all to us during registration. You can send an email to info@schoolangel.ng stating the problem and the name(s) of your kid(s), school name and your email address. We will verify this information with the school and then link you to your kid(s). Also, this might be as a result of your kid not barging in on the Haven.

Why do you need my biometrics and I hope it is safe?

Biometric solution has been proven to be the best method of verification of individual. The fear of abuse is exaggerated as its extremely difficult to achieve. Moreover the safety of all your data including fingerprint is a priority for us as a business. We are using the best logical security procedures to protect your data.

Do I have to print voucher every day?

Yes, the daily authentication of collector and printed voucher is proof of right to collect the wards listed on it. Each voucher is only valid for the day it was printed.

How long would it take me to get registered?

The average time to complete image capture in school is 3 minutes once online registration has been done prior to visit to site for capture.

Can we register without giving our fingerprint?

Currently no. We are working on software upgrade that will allow some parents to use a combination of card and PIN code for collection of their wards. Non-parents /guardian collectors will still be required to use fingerprints. Everyone has to use secure credentials to collect wards it’s the most secure of organizing what has been a chaotic daily ritual for schools.

What if my driver or nanny leaves?

You can immediately disable or delete the Collector (Nanny, Driver etc) from the portal online or from School Angel Parentapp. A disabled collector can be re-enabled and a deleted collector would have to be re-registered.

What if am not around and I want someone else whom I did not register to help me pick up the child?

This can be done by using the School Angel Parentapp to register the collector.

If I want to make a suggestion who do I talk to?

You can always sent your suggestions and advice to info@schoolangel.ng or call 01 295 6177. You can also write us on our social media at Facebook.com/schoolangelng, twitter.com/schoolangelng and it will be promptly acknowledged and treated.

Who is a Primary Parent/Guardian?

A primary parent is the parent that is in charge of maintaining the relationship with the school can be either the mother or father. From our experience the larger proportions are mothers. Primary parents have superior administrative rights than the secondary parent.

Who is a legal Guardian?

In the absence of the biological parent, the legal guardian is someone that acts on the basis of prior authority from the parent or via a legal instrument as the guardian of the ward.

Who is a Collector?

A Collector is a trusted person that has been authorized by the parent/guardian to collect the child via registration on the School Angel System. Often these people are paid employees like, Nannies, Drivers etc. Parent can also be a collector for other parent.

How many Collectors can I have?

There is no limit to the number of collectors.

Can both parents be the Primary Parent?

There can only be one primary parent and the other designated as the secondary parent.

How can I get a Collector registered where the other collectors are not available to pick my child?

You can use the ‘add collector’ feature on the Parentapp or on the School Angel portal at www.parent.schoolangel.com.ng.

How do I know which collector picks up my child?

As soon as your child is picked, you as the parent/legal guardian gets a notification on your phone or email address from the school in form of message giving you details of when and who picked your ward.

What happens to those wards that get to follow school bus with no collector?

Wards on the school bus are tracked and parents notified when they arrive in school and at home. This is done via an RFID reader that reads the student card when boarding and alighting from the school bus.

Must my collectors be around before I can register them?

The collectors will first need to be added online and are issued a code via your supplied email. They are to bring the code to the school for image and fingerprint capture.

Can I as a parent be a collector to a neighbour’s child and vice versa?

Yes, all you have to do is just to register as each other’s collector. We are working on a software upgrade that will allow registered parents and collectors to TRUST/UNTRUST this will make it easy for parents/guardians to enable their trusted friends and their collectors to pick their wards.

Sometimes I might need to change my collectors, how do I go about this?

You are allowed to delist or remove a collector as many times as you consider necessary. Upon you delisting of a collector we will send you a reference form to tell us about your experience with the removed collector. This allows us to have an update profile of collectors that would be useful to other employers or parents.